The DRC-Link is a smart USB device that plugs into your PC Computer to allow custom configurations to be programmed into DRC products. This product provides the real-time scheduling of telemetry commands to DRC products connected on the DRC-Bus, and provides network information to the PC so that the PC can communicate to several DRC telemetry products at the same time. The DRC-Bus allows up to 31 telemetry enabled products to be connected at any one time.

When using the DRC-Link be sure to plug it in to a USB outlet before starting any DRC Applications such as the SM2 Control Panel. Do not unplug the DRC-Link while the application is running.

The DRC-Link operates as a Human Interface Device (HID) much the same way as a USB mouse or keyboard. The drivers for HID are built into the Windows Operating System. The DRC-Link will automatically be recognized when it is plugged in with no need to install any additional drivers.

DRC-Link products sold after May, 2011 are shipped with a 2-wire cable so that USB power is not connected to device being programmed. Use normal system battery power when programming DRC products using the DRC-Link.